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Modifying MOPAR Starter

Starter Troubleshooting

Installing a 331-318AT into a Chrysler Imperial

Engine ID

Cadillac Engine ID

Chrysler Dodge, Desoto, Plymouth Early Hemi & Poly Engine ID

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Tech Article Scans from 1956 (1-2 mb pdf)

V8 Engine Specs Circa 1956

This includes Engine hp and weights

Aligning the Engine To Transmission

Engine "Swapping"

The Early Hemi before it was "Early"


Transmission Bolt Pattern Designations and Naming Conventions. This is not all-inclusive and is simply provided to help you identify a particular bolt pattern visually. If in doubt, don't assume. Call with any particular questions.
AT=Automatic Transmissions
MT=Manual Transmissions
350= Chevrolet Small and Big Block Bellhousing Bolt Pattern
350MT = General Motors "Muncie" and "Saginaw" bolt pattern and register diameter
318= Mopar Small Block Bellhousing Bolt Pattern
426 = Big Block Mopar
FE = Early Ford Big Block
460 = Late Ford Big Block
4.6L - Ford Modular
302= Ford 1965 up Ford Small Block Bellhousing Bolt Pattern
BOP=Buick Olds Pontiac Cadillac Iron Block V8 Bellhousing Bolt Pattern
FTL= Ford 1965-1978 Transmission Bolt Pattern
FT5= Ford 1979-1992 Borg Warner T5 Transmission Bolt Pattern
A833=Mopar Manual Transmission Bolt Patterns
CadLa= Cadillac & Lasalle Manual Transmission Bolt Pattern
292= 49-64 Ford Lasalle Manual Transmission Bolt Pattern
EFM= 1932-1948 Ford Lasalle Manual Transmission Bolt Pattern
T5 Photos of the various T5 transmissions.

General Motors

"350" Chevrolet Bolt Pattern from the introduction of the V8 in 1955 untill the LS1. Note the lack of the top cernter bolt.
"BOP" Buick iron blocks after 1966, Oldsmobile after 1964, Pontiac after 1964(See 389-350), Cadillacs after 1964
"Unicase" General Motors multiple bolt pattern case for Chevrolet and BOP
"350MT" After 1955 on GM cars/trucks. Most often trucks have a 5 1/8" center register cars measure 4 66"
"Cad Lasalle" Long input, bearing retainer not bolted to trans. top shift or side shift. Fort must be sealed to bellhousing.


"318" Small Block Mopar. Starter bolts to the case on the drivers (US) side. Ring gear is on the torque converter.
"426" Big Block Mopar.Very similar to "318" but will not interchange. One engine bolt hole just below lower starter bolt.
"A833" Mopar used a multitude of bolt patterns and transmmissions, Best not to guess on these. One charateristic is a very long pilot diameter.


"302" 6 bolt pattern small block Ford. Starter bolts to passenger side (US).
"FE Ford" Starter is high on Pass. side.
"460" Largest BH bolt pattern of the bunch. Pass side starter.
Ford "Modular" motor
"292" 1949-1964 Ford Tall and narrow pattern. Can have 1 3/8" or 1 1/16" input shaft diameter.
"EFM" Early Ford Mercury. 1932-1948 Ford V8. Round with 8 bolt holes and 2 3/8" dowel pin holes. 1 3/8" input.


"T56" Borg Warner 6 speed. Common bolt pattern but multiple input shaft lengths. GM, Ford and Chrysler all used this transmission. Best bet is to identify original application and year. Versions that originally had the "Pull" clutch styles can be difficult to adapt.


Borg-Warner built this transmission beginning in the early 80's and another company under licence continues to do so. Multiple applications including imports. The left unit is a GM 4 cylinder version with the fine spline input and the tall narrow pattern. There are 2 main bolt patterns; The GM versions mated to the V6 and V8 up to 1991 used the standard Muncie or "350MT" pattern. The GM 4 cylinders and Ford applications used the tall narow pattern. Except for the ones with the "350MT" pattern, input shaft length varies according to the application and year so it is best to call with a measurement if using the Ford T5 or GM 4 cylinder version.




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